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Burner (journal entry)

When this hero was working on his fire skills, he was often sent to the kitchen as punishment, so he learned how to roast both his foes and a good steak.

Attack 0.3
Walking speed 105
Climbing speed 80
Health 30
Skills Mage
Equipment Burner's fire staff
Icon Burner icon
Coin Coin x 5–10

Burner[1] is a battle mage hero with a destructive area-of-effect attack.

Behaviour[ | ]

Burner joins the player's team of dwarfs and becomes controllable. He won't carry out digging or logging tasks. When fighting, he attacks by raining down fireballs on an area, with about a 10-second cooldown.

Acquiring[ | ]

Burner must be summoned by crafting and placing his hero statue in the world. For the crafting recipe, Burner's statuette has to be purchased from Grant's Shop. Statuette prices start at 10 coins and double for every hero statuette purchased.

The hero statue should be well protected. If the statue is destroyed, Burner is destroyed with it.

Hero statue crafting recipe[ | ]

Crafting station
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Water Water 1
Pot Pot 1
Silver Ingot Silver Ingot 1
Earth Earth 1
Paper Paper 1
Leaves Leaves 1
Burner Burner 1
Crafting grid
Silver Ingot Paper
Water Burner Leaves
Pot Earth
Hero Statue (Burner) Burner 1

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References[ | ]

  1. Burner is his name in the world. In the game files he's called hero_dragon_mage or dragon_mage.