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Campaign Custom Options

Campaign mode is a single-player alternate option to the Custom mode. In other words, everything the campaign is pre-set.

Settings[ | ]

Campaign World1 Campaign World2 Campaign World3 Campaign World4

In the campaign mode all worlds are pre-configured with:

Parameter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
World Size small medium large large
Types Forest Ice Desert Underground
Difficulty easy normal normal hard
Weather Events average average rare rare
Topography hills mountains plains mountains
Tech Mode all levels in Tech Tree mode
Game Mode all levels in Normal mode, i.e., new dwarfs replacing the dead ones.

Objective[ | ]

Dwarfs have to rebuild a portal to exit to the next world, passing through the Forest, the Snow, the Desert and the Underground World, that is the last one.

Once the portal is rebuild, the player may choose to stay in the present world or to advance to a new one.

Previous worlds[ | ]

All previous worlds are kept in the same save slot and the player can visit them at any time with the following steps:

  1. exit to the main screen;
  2. click on "Choose Level";
  3. select the wanted save slot
  4. click "Play";
  5. choose the world with the left and right arrows on the top of the screen; and
  6. click "Play" again.

History[ | ]

The campaign mode is the classic way of playing Craft the World and the Forest World was the only available environment to play. All others modes — like Multiplayer and Custom — as well as other worlds were implemented later.

Game version Release Changes
0.9.010 19 Dec, 2013 Snow World was introduced.
0.9.016 24 Feb, 2014 Desert World was introduced.
1.1.007 21 May, 2015 Underground World was introduced.

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