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Basically, in a more large concept[1] everything occupying a space in any of the 4 worlds in Craft the World, as well as every item obtained from mining, is a block[2].

  1. Based on how the game itself recognize and manipulate its own elements.
  2. The game file blocks.xml contains 592 active (not between commentary tags) and distinct elements classified as "blocks". This was checked in the in the version 1.4.009 of the game.

So, for a simple and practical use of this category, before including an item here, one should answer the following 2 questions:

How to know if an image should belong to this category[ | ]

  • Does this item occupy a space of a block in any of 4 worlds?
  • Is it obtained from a mining activity?

If the answer to at least one of these questions is positive, this item is a block and should be in this category. Tag it with:



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