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Mods were introduced in Craft the World with the 1.5.000 update.

See all current available mods on Steam.

How to use Mods[]

Trying to load a normal game with the Star Wars mod activated.

  1. Access the mod page through the Steam Workshop;
  2. Click "Subscribe" at the mod page;
  3. Enter the game;
  4. Click the "Mods" button on the bottom left corner;
  5. Select the mods you want to use;
    Not all mods are mutually compatible.
  6. Click "Ok";
  7. Start a new game or load a previous one;
    Some big mods like Star Wars and Fishman's Cave require a new custom game.
  8. Enjoy.

Note: Each saved game slot, should only be loaded with their respective mods set. If the player tries to access with mods a game created without these mods, the game will popup an advise warning about the incompatibility, allowing the player to deactivate the unwanted mods.

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