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Cave Goblin
Cave Goblin

The lowest caste of the goblins. They have been driven underground, where they eke out their existence and care for the graves of the orcs. Their long-term residence in the dungeon and the lack of good food have made their bodies withered and pale.

Attack 0.3
Walking speed 70
Climbing speed 40
50 on ladder
Health 8
Icon Cave Goblin icon
Goblin Spear Goblin Spear (4% chance)
Leather Leather (15% chance)
Rope Rope (15% chance)
Coal Coal (10% chance)
Silver Ore Silver Ore (3% chance)
Gold Ore Gold Ore (2% chance)
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore (2% chance)

Cave goblin is a dangerous[1] hostile creature found in the tunnels of the Underground World and the Lonely Mountain.

Behavior[ | ]

Cave goblins are similar to goblins, with the difference that their camp won't spawn infinite times over the ground, but will be found underground, more like hidden rooms, and once destroyed, their camp won't respawn. Another difference is that new cave goblins (along with cave goblin warriors) will keep spawning from the camp until the camp has been destroyed.

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References[ | ]

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