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Cave Goblin Camp with Orc Tombs

A cave goblin camp with orc tombs.

Cave goblin camps[1] are colonies found in hidden caverns of the Underground Biome and Underground World (single or multiplayer) where cave goblins and cave goblin warriors live.

Structures[ | ]

Cave goblin camps may have different layouts, but some structures are present in all camps, like:

  • the main hut, where new goblins come from (a random cave goblin every 64 seconds with the game in normal speed);
  • mushroom trees and berry bushes;
  • columns of goblin ladders leading to a few different directions;
  • all this illuminated by some random placed common torches.

And there is a variety of distinct structures that can appear or not around the main hut, like:

Main Hut
Cave Goblin Main Hut
Type Block
Durability 300 (destructible)
Wood Wood x20
Rope Rope x5
Leather Leather x5
Chitin Chitin x5

Coin Coin x0 (25% chance)x4 (50% chance)x8 (25% chance)Cave Goblin Saber Cave Goblin Saber x0 (72% chance)x1 (26% chance)x2 (2% chance)Cave Goblin Excellent Saber C. G. Excellent Saber (5% chance)

Small Hatch
Cave Goblin Hatch 1 Cave Goblin Hatch 2
Type Block
Durability 50 (destructible)
Wood Wood x5
Rope Rope
Leather Leather
Coin Coin x2
Mushroom Mushroom x4 (30% chance)
Cave Goblin Pickaxe Cave Goblin Pickaxe (20% chance)
Large Hatch
Cave Goblin Hatch 3
Type Block
Durability 100 (destructible)
Wood Wood x10
Rope Rope x3
Leather Leather x3
Coin Coin x3

Mushroom Mushroom x6 (40% chance)
Cave Goblin Pickaxe Cave Goblin Pickaxe (20% chance)

Map generation[ | ]

The basic structure of these camps (background and foreground blocks) are generated when the map is created. When the fog of war is removed and the area is revealed — either by dwarf's approach or by the use of the magic light — the other camp's elements are generated: constructions, goblins, captive animals, etc.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.007 12 Apr 2017 Fixed: colony of cave goblins were not spawned when other players (except the server) explored the dungeons.
1.1.010 29 Jun 2015 Cave goblins stop gathering resources when player demolish their main building.
1.1.007 21 May 2015 Officially introduced (with the Underground World).
1.1.005b 20 May 2015 Improved AI of cave goblins for building torches and ladders.
1.1.003b 20 May 2015 Increased spawn of cave goblins after their death.

References[ | ]

  1. Locales like this have not an official in-game name. This is the name of the main hut in the game files. Devs have called it "colony of cave goblins". The structures have the following name in game files:
    the main hut: cave_goblins_camp (many files for the image);
    the small hatch 1: cave_goblins_hatch1 (hatch1 for the image);
    the small hatch 2: cave_goblins_hatch2 (hatch3 for the image); and
    the large hatch: cave_goblins_hatch3 (hatch2 for the image).