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Cave Goblin Excellent Saber
Cave Goblin Excellent Saber

A rough weapon made out of bones and teeth.

Type Weapon
Damage 40
Hit rate bonus x1.5
Dropped by
Cave Goblin Warrior Cave Goblin Warrior (3% chance)

Cave goblin excellent saber[1] is the most powerful melee weapon used by cave goblin warriors. It is unique to Underground World and Underground Biome.

Acquiring[ | ]

This item cannot be purchased. It's dropped by cave goblin warriors with 3% chance to get one.

Utility[ | ]

After picking up a cave goblin excellent saber, the player may find it useful for:

Disassembling[ | ]

This is not a craftable item, but the player may get some of these resources below when disassembling it.

Item to be disassembled
Cave Goblin Excellent Saber Cave Goblin Excellent Saber
Expected material(s) Qty.
Chitin Chitin 1
Wood Wood 2
Disassembled material grid
Chitin Wood

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References[ | ]

  1. In game files it's called/it may appear as cave_goblin_saber2, cave_goblin_excellent_saber, cave_goblin_saber_excel or weapon_cave_goblin_excellent_saber.
  2. Beware that disassembling an item does not rewards the player with all possible ressources — i.e., by doing this the player may be exchanging a powerful weapon for a simple peace of wood.