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Cave Goblin Warrior
Cave Goblin Warrior

The hardiest of the cave goblins, responsible for the security of the entire colony. They tirelessly patrol the underground tunnels and come running whenever they hear a strange sound.

Attack 0.5
Walking speed 70
Climbing speed 40 (50 on ladder)
Health 10
Icon Cave Goblin Warrior icon
Cave Goblin Worn-Out Saber Cave Goblin Worn-Out Saber (10% chance)
Cave Goblin Saber Cave Goblin Saber (6% chance)
Cave Goblin Excellent Saber Cave Goblin Excellent Saber (3% chance)
Leather Leather (15% chance)
Rope Rope (15% chance)
Coal Coal (10% chance)
Silver Ore Silver Ore (3% chance)
Gold Ore Gold Ore (2% chance)
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore (2% chance)

Cave goblin warrior[1] is a dangerous[2] underground hostile creature that only spawns in the Underground World, among with other cave goblins in cave goblin camps. It has a quite strong melee attack, but with no knockback effect.

Appearance[ | ]

The cave goblin warrior is equiped with a shield and a cave goblin saber.

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References[ | ]

  1. As it appears in the bestiary and in the game files. In the game files it may be referred just as: goblin_warrior.
  2. Bestiary's classification.