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The main fuel for furnaces and dwarf kitchens.

Types Block • Raw material
Disassemblable Red Cross
Price Coal x 2 → 1 Coin
Tech needed Railroad Construction

Coal is the most common of all of the ores and the veins are usually found between lower dirt (not surface) and rocky light dirt. Coal can be used for making many items, especially those needing the forge or the kitchen to be crafted/cooked.

Acquiring[ | ]

indestructible rock
Earth: 1st layer
Earth: 2nd layer
Earth: 3rd layer
Earth: 4th layer
Earth: 5th layer
Burning area
indestructible rock

Coal nodes can be found in the first three earth levels (see the diagram at the right): the soft earth, the rocky earth light and the rocky earth.

More specifically, considering the world surface as the 0% and the lava level as the -100%, coal can be found:

Drops[ | ]

Some creatures drop coal after dying, like:

Skeleton icon Skeleton (10% chance)
Goblin icon Goblin (10% chance)
Cave Goblin icon Cave Goblin (10% chance)
Cave Goblin Warrior icon Cave Goblin Warrior (10% chance)

Crafting[ | ]

Coal can be crafted after unlocking the Railroad Construction category on the tech tree (not the Substance Transformation, meaning that you can craft it at all worlds, not just at the Underground World).

Crafting station
Kitchens Kitchens
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Wood Wood 3
Earth Earth 1
Crafting grid
Wood Wood
Coal Coal 1

Uses[ | ]

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.3.004 27 Oct 2016 Recipe change: reduced the bits of Earth earth from 8 to 3.
0.9.008 10 Dec 2013 Fixed: Coal recipe is now available in Tech Tree mode and Campaign mode.
0.9.007 01 Dec 2013 Coal is now craftable.