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Sometimes you'll find coins, which can be used to buy rare and necessary items in the dwarves' store.

Type Raw material

Coin[1] is a currency that allows you to buy items in the shop.

Acquiring[ | ]

It's not possible to sell things at the shop.

Mining Blocks[ | ]

Coins can be found randomly while mining, as an additional possible drop from every natural block, i.e., blocks placed by dwarfs have no chance of dropping coins when dug.

Tricky Toki Statue[ | ]

The Tricky Toki Statue Tricky Toki Statue may increase the chances of getting coins when mining.

When placed inside or outside the shelter, it increases the chances of finding coins. Monsters cannot destroy statues.

Differently from Gunnar Ironfist or Rorry Stoneskin statues, the bonus from Tricky Toki does stack, but with disminishing amounts; i.e., there is a benefit of placing more than one Tricky Toki, but this benefit is smaller the more statues are placed.

Killing monsters[ | ]

A lot of creatures have at least a small chance of dropping coins:

Creature Coin Chance
Skeleton with Shield icon Skeleton with Shield 1 5%
Skeleton Builder icon Skeleton Builder 1 5%
Big Zombie icon Big Zombie 1 10 %
Gargoyle icon Gargoyle 1 10%
Orc icon Orc 1 10%
Orc Boss icon Orc Boss 1 10%
Orc Skeleton icon Orc Skeleton 1 10%
Orc Boss Skeleton icon Orc Boss Skeleton 1 10%
Zombie Armor-Breaker icon Zombie Armor-Breaker 1 10%
Giant Thrower icon Giant Thrower 1 10%
Crookshank icon Crookshank 1 10%
Ice Elf Spearman Ice Elf Spearman 1 30 %
Ice Elf Bowman Ice Elf Bowman 1 30 %
Captured yetis Captured yetis 1 30%
Ancient Gargoyle icon Ancient Gargoyle 5 40%
Giant Skeleton icon Giant Skeleton 1 70%
Beholder icon Beholder 1 100%
Terrible Beholder icon Terrible Beholder 1 100%
Guardian icon Guardian
Dark Lord icon Dark Lord
2 or
Dragon icon Dragon 3 100%
Black Dragon icon Black Dragon 3 100%
Mechanical Guardian icon Mechanical Guardian 5 or 10 100%
Giant Worm icon Giant Worm 10 100%
Keeper of the Altar icon Keeper of the Altar 50 100%

Special cases[ | ]

  • The dust inside hidden rooms have a 10% chance of dropping 1 coins.
  • In the Desert World:
Vases inside the pyramides will drop one coin each.
The main chest will drop 10 coins.
Orc tombs inside cave goblin camps will drop 4 coins.
Bones inside the black dragons caves have 20% chance of dropping 1 coin.
Black dragons nests will drop 4 or 8 coins.
Cave goblin camp structures may drop different amount of coins.

Achievements[ | ]

There are two Steam achievements related to coins.

The first is easy to get and requires no focused effort; playing the game casually, the player will find the 200 coins sooner or later.

The second, about the mercenaries, can only be accomplished in the Underground Biome and requires some hours playing the game focusing on this objective. The player will have to dig around 60% of all blocks (back and foreground) of the map, in order to get enough coins to pay for mercenaries.


Spend 200 gold coins.

  World(s) Any
Mercenaries exploiter
Mercenaries exploiter

Use at least 50 mercenaries during 1 battle at the biome

  Biome(s) Underground Biome

References[ | ]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it's called money.