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How is it possible such a dumb bird can survive in this world? It must not have any natural enemies.

Walking speed 100
Climbing speed 150
Health 2
Icon Cormoloon icon
Egg Egg x 2–3
Feather Feather x 2–3
Bones Bones x 2

A cormoloon[1] is a harmless[2] non-hostile creature that drops eggs and feathers, found at the surface of the Lonely Mountain world. It is equivalent to the Forest World's hen.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The cormoloon is a fictitious bird, though its image and description resemble the recently extinct dodo bird (See Wikipedia).

See also[ | ]

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References[ | ]

  1. Cormoloon is its name in the in-game bestiary. In the game files it's called garklan.
  2. Cormoloon is "harmless" per its bestiary classification.