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One feature of Craft the World is a user-friendly system of recipes for crafting. The recipes are organized and easily accessible. The player can craft hundreds of different items, including building blocks for houses, furniture, decorations, weapons, armor, ammunition, and food for your dwarfs.

The player can also disassemble items to regain some resources from the items he/she does not need nor intend to use.

In Campaign mode, you unlock different crafting recipes as you master different tiers of the Tech Tree.

In Sandbox mode, you are able to craft any item in the game from the start — provided you find the Recipe while digging, have the recipe memorized, or you keep the list of craftable items open for reference.

Many of the items that can be crafted require specific crafting stations. For example, to cook most food items, you will require a kitchen; and to craft armors (from the Expert Armor tier or higher), you need a forge.

Basic Guide[]

Opening the Workshop[]

There are two ways for accessing the Workshop panel:

  • Click the Craft button at the bottom of the screen; or
  • press I on the keyboard.

For more keyboard shortcuts, see Hotkeys.

Workshop Panel Description[]

The Workshop Panel is divided into two sections. The left section shows the Inventory Panel which shows you how many you have of:

Click on the buttons at the top of the Inventory Panel to access each section of the Inventory.

A picture of each item is shown in a slot in the Inventory Panel with the number of items shown as a number in the bottom right of each slot. As items are harvested or become available through upgrades in the Tech Tree, more item slots will be displayed in each section of the Inventory.

Hover the mouse pointer over each slot to see the item label. The item labels reveals the item name and, in some cases, some additional information, such as Durability, Mining, Lubering, Damage, Armor, Agility, Comfort, Feeding and Healing.


Clicking on the item slot activates an Information Banner at the bottom of the inventory panel. Clicking on the "i" button on the banner opens the recipe scroll for the item. If the item is craftable, just double-clicking on its slot will open the recipe scroll directly.

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  1. It's called "First Resources" in the game tutorial: "You need 2 pieces of wood to craft a club. Switch to the first resources tab".
  2. Name seen in the game tutorial: "But first let's craft a nice strong club! Switch to the Armory tab".