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Do you want to see an absolute darkness? Welcome to the maw of the Crookshank!

Attack 0.7 w/Knockback
Walking speed 40
Climbing speed 35
Health 20
Life regen 0.166%
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Crookshank icon
Zombie Brain Zombie Brain
Bones Bones (25% chance)
Slime Slime (10% chance)
Coin Coin (10% chance)

Crookshank[1] is a very dangerous[2] hostile creature that may spawn through monsters portals above the ground in multiplayer games.

Behavior[ | ]

In general it behaves like a regular zombie.

Attack[ | ]

It has a single-target melee attack from its open belly that causes a knockback effect.

Mobility[ | ]

It can not climb walls, but can jump one block at a time, also taking advantage of skeletons in a shield stair position to climb higher cliffs.

It can fall from a ten block height without being hurt.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.000 21 Mar 2017 Introduced (with the DLC - Dig with Friends).

You've been digested achievement[ | ]

You've been digested!
You've been digested

Your dwarf have died inside the Crookshank.

  World(s) All
  Biome(s) None
  Conditions Multiplayer mode
  DLC required Dig with Friends

There is an Steam achievement related to the crookshanks called You've been digested!. A low health dwarf must die insinde a crookshank's tummy.

It's hard to get this achievement, because low health dwarfs will flee from danger and get to safety or die to unpredictable reasons, and direct controling dwarfs in multiplayer games does consume a lot of mana. Also, it's possible to have several waves without a single crookshank or waves with so much enemies that it becomes impossible not to kill the crookshank among them.

Just playing a lot of multiplayer games in harder difficulties or multiplayer games with everynight raids is recomended to get this. The probability though of don't even seeing the dwarf dying is high.

References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary name of the creature. In game files it is called zombie_crookshank.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.