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Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf

Ferocious and wild beast. Moreover, its definitely infected with something.

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Cursed wolves[1] are wolves that can transmit the lycanthropy disease.

Behaviour[ | ]

Cursed wolves are diurnal as well as nocturnal and wander the surface. They do not appear to despawn. [Do they only come out close to a Red Moon?] They are unaffected by cages, spikes, and animal traps, but monster traps do damage them.

Every attack from a cursed wolf slightly infects its target with lycanthropy, a disease that turns dwarfs into were-dwarfs. Each attack has a chance to add up to 20% to the target's lycanthropy score.

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References[ | ]

  1. Cursed Wolf is the creature's name in the world. In the game files its called wolf.