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Campaign Custom Options

Custom mode is the only way to play the game in eaiser/harder levels, other than those preconfigured in the campaign.

It is the the alternate option for the Campaign mode.

Creating a Custom Game[ | ]

At the start screen:

  1. Click the "Choose Level" button;
  2. Select an "empty" game slot;
  3. Click "Play";
  4. Click "New Custom Game";
  5. Choose the parameters for the new game (listed below);
  6. Click "Play".

To access this same game again:

  • If it was the last game played, just click "Play" at the start screen.
  • If it was not the last game played:
  1. Click the "Choose Level" button;
  2. Select the wanted game slot;
  3. Click "Play".

Customizable parameters[ | ]

The following 6 variables are accessible for the player at the moment he/she creates a new custom game.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
0.9.007 01 Dec 2013 Introduced.

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