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Dark Lord
Dark Lord

This great warrior guards the treasures of his tomb. Do not come close to the throne if you don’t want to disturb his slumber. However, that is the only way to get to his treasures. So then – forward!

Attack Sword • Kick • Fireball
Raise Undead
Walking speed 50
Climbing speed 45
Health 666
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time Red Cross
Base armor -4 to mithril weapons
-1.5 to melee weapons
Icon Dark Lord icon[1]
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore x1 (70%) / x2 (60% chance)
Mithril Ingot Mithril Ingot x1 (50% chance)
Coin Coin x2 (70%) / x1 (50% chance)
Blue Crystal Blue Crystal (40% chance)
Red Crystal Red Crystal (40% chance)
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal (40% chance)
Green Crystal Green Crystal (40% chance)
Purple Crystal Purple Crystal (40% chance)

Dark Lord[2] is a very dangerous[3] hostile creature that guards his throne in the central hidden chamber of the Forest Biome.

Behavior[ | ]

Dark Lord sleep

He appears initially dead sitting on his throne and he raises if a dwarf approaches him. Once woke up, he won't sit at his throne again, even if the disturbing dwarf dies.

Attacks[ | ]

The Dark Lord can perform four different attacks:

Type Target Damage
Sword melee unique 1 w/ knockback
Kick melle unique ? w/ huge knockback
Fireball ranged splash (5)* -1 health
Summon 3 Skeletons or Zombies on top of dwarfs

* 5 targests in a 2 blocks radius area, including dwarfs and defense towers

He will choose what to do according to each situation:

  • If there is a dwarf beside him, he will choose most of the times a sword attack and some few times a kick.
  • If there is one dwarf not so far from him, he will walk and try a sword attack and rarely a kick.
  • If there is one or more dwarfs in a certain distance, he will cast a fireball.
  • If there are some dwarfs around attacking him or not running away, he will summon undead.

Different from all other creatures, the Dark Lord can hit a dwarf with his sword if the dwarf is climbing a background wall within his range.

Vulnerabilities[ | ]

A guardian has a certain vulnerability to melee weapons and a huge weakness to mithril weapons.

Appearance[ | ]

The Dark Lord uses the following items:

Knight’s horned helmet Knight’s horned helmet,
Cuirass of the Dark Lord Cuirass of the Dark Lord,
Armored boots of the Dark Lord Armored boots of the Dark Lord and
Sword of the Dark Lord Sword of the Dark Lord.

None of these items are dropped immediately when he dies, but may be granted to the player as a reward after finishing, as a winner, the Forest Biome.

Exploit[ | ]

Sparing Dark Lord

Two iron doors isolating the Dark Lord outside the chamber.

It is possible to finish and win the Forest Biome without killing the Dark Lord, attracting him to outside his chamber, opening a portal without calling for his attention and opening the chest. It's also possible to lock him out side with some built blocks or doors.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.2.010 26 Jun 2016 Now he can call up zombies.
1.2.005 13 Jan 2016 Fixed animation.
1.2.001 19 Dec 2015 Introduced (with Biomes).

References[ | ]

  1. Although the Dark Lord has his own icon in the game files, the icon binded to it and actually displaying in game is the Guardian's icon. This is probably a mistake by devs.
  2. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it's called dead_lord.
  3. According to the bestiary classification.