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Dark Lord Servant’s halberd
Dark Lord Servant’s halberd Dark Lord Servant’s halberd 2

A simple and reliable melee weapon.

Type Weapon
Damage 30
Hit rate bonus Red Cross

The Dark Lord servant’s halberd[1] is an average melee weapon that can be used by dwarfs.

Appearance[ | ]

This weapon has two possible distinct aspects. The parameters are the same in both cases.

Acquiring[ | ]

This weapon is one of the possible rewards received after finishing and winning a pvp or a coop multiplayer battle at the Forest Biome. The chance of getting this halberd as the reward is 33,3% (16,6% to each of the two possible aspects). The item is received after returning back from the biome to the original world.

This item is not craftable, it cannot be purchased and it is not dropped by the undead soldier, that uses this halberd.

References[ | ]

  1. As it appears in the inventory. In the game files it is called zombie_spear or zombie_spear_02, depending on the skin used.