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Desert World is the third level of Craft the World, also called "The Land of Dry Winds" in campaign mode. It has large size, warm temperature, dry humidity and plain topography.

It introduces new kind of creatures, items and more...

This is the third level and using the portal will unlock the 4th world.

World Features[]

Sand Storm[]

Sand storms will happen randomly in the Desert World. This dangerous meteorological phenomenon may grab some resources/items (unresistant blocks like sand, unresistant construction like ladder, wood/resin/etc by shaking trees, ...) or any living creature (dwarves included) and carry them away. The fall will cause damage to living creatures. Dwarves will also be completely scared by sand storm.


Since version 0.9.024, every generated world has some pyramids. They contain treasure but are guarded by some monsters. Pyramid's energy blocks spells, this includes manually controlling dwarves and placing scaffolds, so be careful while exploring it. Pyramids have some extremely solid walls.



Usual trees cannot be found in this world, instead some new kind are available.

The only trees which can grow upon earth blocks are palms (wood x2 and coconut x1).

Other plants will grow upon sand blocks:


This world introduces new creatures :


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