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Desert terrain

A typical desert world surface

Desert World, also called "The Land of Dry Winds", is a rocky and sandy planet better known for its reckless tornados, and enchanting pyramids.

Composition[ | ]

indestructible rock
Earth: 1st layer
Earth: 2nd layer
Earth: 3rd layer
Earth: 4th layer
Burning area
indestructible rock

The desert does not have a first layer of soft earth, common on the other worlds surfaces. Its first dirt layer is made of rocky light earth, that is firm enough not to be eroded by the winds. When it's not covered with sand, this type of dirt, allows for the growth of vegetation with deeper roots: typically the palms.

Dwarfs are not able to replicate this kind of surface. If they place blocks of dirt in the desert surface, those blocks will be constantly threaten by the tornados, and eventually removed. With that in mind, in order to preserve the renewable sources of wood (and coconuts), it's recommended to keep the original layers of earth that are in contact with the sunlight untouched.

Usually deserts don't have huge montains of stone (also common on other worlds) but its surface is rich on this raw material, and can provide it at least for the most basic initial needs.

The desert is always warm, meaning it will never snow there. However it can have a good amount of precipitations (depending on the weather conditions), and even quite a few natural water ponds on its surface.

Campaign[ | ]

Level 3: The Land of Dry Winds
Size Large Desert world
Weather events Rare
Topography Plains
Difficulty Normal

The desert world is the third level of campaign mode, accessed after assembling the parts of the big portal in the Snow World.

It has large size, warm temperature, dry humidity and plain topography. (In custom mode it can be small, medium, or large.)

Using the big portal on the desert will unlock the Underground World.

Tornado[ | ]



Sand storms will happen randomly in the Desert World. This dangerous meteorological phenomenon may grab some resources/items (unresistant blocks like sand, unresistant construction like ladder, wood/resin/etc by shaking trees, ...) or any living creature (dwarfs included) and carry them away. The fall will cause damage to living creatures. Dwarfs will also be completely scared by sand storm.

Tornados cannot remove:

  • any earth or sand block that has a bush, cactus or palm rooted on it
  • any block made of stone (including the natural stone, stone walls, and stone bridges)
  • any block or object that has stone on its background tile, and a foreground layer of stone above it
  • any item that can be directly placed by player into the world, like scaffoldings and beware signs.

Pyramids[ | ]


An unexplored pyramid

They consist of extremely hard blocks and have tunnels with many traps. They have many valuable items and coins inside guarded by monsters horde. Don’t try to rob them until you get strong team. You should remember that pyramids block your magic force.

~ Notes of patch 0.9.024

In the desert world, among the five guardians (usually found in the underground crypts), at least one or two of them will surely be found inside a pyramid. The number of pyramids depend on the size of the world. Small and medium worlds have one, while large worlds have two pyramids. They can appear on either sides of the world. But if there is a pair of pyramids, they will always be together on the same side of the map. Each pyramid always has one (and only one) guardian.

Pyramids are made of a type of stone that is absurdly hard to break. Even very skilled miners, equiped with mithril pickaxes would take a considerable amount of time to break one of these blocks.

Pyramid discover

Exploring a pyramid with 3 weak dwarfs.

However the building is "easily" accessible from a tunnel (or shaft), found on one of its superior surfaces. The tunnel is deep, dark, and clogged up with sand. Removing the sand can accidentaly open passages and bifurcations that dwarfs could not foresee. They can fall inside the new shaft and be trapped inside it.

There's a huge variety of internal layouts, which are randomly generated as of the creation of the world. The pyramid tunnels however are certainly designed not to allow full exploration by only one dwarf. And sometimes, even a group of three or four are required: the first ones triggering the new underpasses, and the later ones rescuing them.

Pyramid's energy blocks spells, this includes manually controlling dwarves and placing scaffolds, so be careful while exploring it.

The guardian will always be found on the central chamber, on the very bottom of the building. Pyramids have some extremely solid walls.

Monsters that may be found inside a pyramid:

Flora[ | ]

A mini oasis surface containing water, stone, dense earth, palms and animals.

Usual trees cannot be found in this world, instead some new kind are available.

The only trees which can grow upon earth blocks are palms (wood x2 and coconut x1). The natural earth blocks on which palms can grow, are denser than the earth blocks placed by dwarfs.

Other plants will grow upon sand blocks:

Creatures[ | ]

This world introduces new creatures:

Typical food[ | ]

Coconut Coconut (extracted from palm trees)

Clothing[ | ]

New dwarfs will randomly appear with some of the following clothes:

Turban 1Turban 2 Turban (can be removed and dismantled)
Desert BootsDesert Shoes Desert Boots (cannot be removed nor dismantled)

Typical weapons[ | ]

Mummy's Saber Mummy's Saber

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.6.005 21 Aug 2019 Fixed: in the desert world runes disappeared from the inventory if the player did not have the Bosses and Monsters DLC.
1.4.014 15 Feb 2018 Logger can plants trees on desert terrain, replacing sand on the ground.
1.4.001 22 Mar 2017 Fixed: incorrect displaying of water in desert world.
0.9.024 24 Apr 2014 Added giant pyramids.
0.9.019 7 Mar 2014 Added initial clothing for desert planets.
0.9.016 24 Feb 2014 The desert biome was introduced.