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Difficulty levels modulate basically two parameters[1] in the game: the monsters' health and output damage.

There are six difficulty levels:

Difficulty Level Monsters' Health Monsters' Damage
Very Easy x0.6 x0.3
Easy x0.9 x0.6
Normal x1 x1
Hard x1.2 x1.5
Very Hard x1.5 x2
Nightmare x2 x3

These levels can be chosen on custom and multiplayer games; and are locked in the campaign.

Campaign World difficulty[ | ]

These are the pre-set difficulty levels in campaign worlds:

World Difficulty
1. The Land of New Hope Easy
2. The Land of Winter Heaven Normal
3. The Land of Dry Winds Normal
4. The Land of Dangerous Caves Hard

History[ | ]

Game version Release Changes
0.9.007 01 Dec, 2013 Custom mode is introduced and difficulty levels can be chosen on it.

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References[ | ]

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