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Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg

A rare and hard to obtain alchemical ingredient.

Types Processed material • Block
Durability removable w/ 4 hits
Placeable Red Cross
Price 10 Coin

Dragon eggs are found in the deepest part of the world, just above one block of earth floating on the lava, and they are usually guarded by dragons. A dragon egg is the basic item composing a dragons nest.

They can be used to craft soul keeper and potion of resurrection.

Stealing Eggs[ | ]

Stealing dragon eggs from the lava level has become more challenging since the fire mechanics introduced on v.1.4.014 (15 Feb 2018).

  1. open a portal one block over the egg (if the portal is open at the same block of the egg, it becomes very hard to interact with the egg);
  2. give orders to build 2 earth blocks, one an each side of the egg, to prevent the egg falling in lava;
  3. give order to remove the egg;
  4. wait for one of the 3 dwarf in this lava site to pick up the egg;
  5. click the "Siege Mode" button, to force them to go back home;
  6. wait for all 3 dwarfs to pass back through the portal;
  7. close the portal to avoid anyone going to promenade at the lava.
  • It's important to have a good number of dwarfs around the main stockpile before you start this operation, because you need 3 dwarfs to work together at this. If not, you'll have one coming and placing the 1st earth block, then, when the 1st block is already burning, another dwarf will come to place the 2nd block, then, when there is no more earth blocks besides the egg, the 3rd dwarf will come to remove the egg, which will then fall in the lava. So, have some idle dwarfs home, before attempting this.
  • It's also good to have removed the initial fog of war around the area so you can see that there is no dragon around the nest. You cannot do this operation with a dragon around. To scout the area you can use the magic light spell; or take direct control of a dwarf and swim over the lava until his health is almost gone, than open a portal over him and climb/pass through it. If you find a dragon, climb the wall, and it will ignore you. If the dragon goes away, go down and keep swimming. If not, open a portal and go back home.