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Dwarfs are the playable race in Craft the World.

Male and female differences[ | ]

Originally the game featured only male dwarfs as the playable race. The female characters, available with the Sisters in Arms DLC, are equivalent in everything: A.I., behaviour, carring capacity, tasks assignments and skill progression. They only differ in visual appearance, in voice timbre and in few attributes, like health, base armor and speed (walking, running, jumping, climbing and swimming).

Male dwarf
Male Dwarf icon
Attack 0.3 without weapon
Walking speed 105[1][2]
+50% on direct control.
Climbing speed 55[1]
80[1] on ladder/scaffolding
Swimming speed -50%
Health 10
Life regen 1 point / 5 min[3]
Drowning time 180s
Base armor 0.2
All his equipment.
Female dwarf
Female Dwarf icon
Attack 0.3 without weapon
Walking speed 120[1]
+50% on direct control.
Climbing speed 60[1]
80[1] on ladder/scaffolding
Swimming speed -50%
Health 8
Life regen 1 point / 5 min[3]
Drowning time 180s
Base armor 0.18
All her equipment.
Diary The hard-working dwarves will be joined by their charming sisters in arms. Female dwarves have a little less health than their male counterparts, but their movement speed is significantly higher. They will defend the shelter and explore the dungeons along with the male dwarves.
~ DLC - Sisters in Arms announcement

Spawn[ | ]

For details about leveling up, see: Level (experience).

The player begins each new world with only one dwarf. As he/she levels up, one new dwarf will spawn, always at the stockpile — one dwarf per level. The maximum number of them being 20, as this is the maximum reachable level in the game.

Randomness[ | ]

All spawning dwarfs are random on their:

  • sex;
  • name;
  • skill;
  • physical appearance (skin pigmentation, hair, beard and mustache color and style);
  • t-shirt color; and
  • removable pieces of clothing, like hats and boots.

Health[ | ]

The health of each dwarf is represented by 3 red hearts — Dwarf HealthDwarf HealthDwarf Health.

The health of each monster is represented by 3 green hearts — Monster HealthMonster HealthMonster Health.

And the health of each animal, usually non-hostile or semi-hostile, is represented by 3 yellow hearts — Animal HealthAnimal HealthAnimal Health.

When a target get damaged, the heart more on the right will shrink until it disappears. When all hearts are gone, the target dies.

Causes of health loss[ | ]

Quite a few things may inflict damage on dwarfs, some will make them die, some not.

Leading to death[ | ]

Below is a list of types of damage that can make a dwarf die, if all 3 hearts completely disappear.

  • being hit by any hostile creature
  • staying or swimming underwater without a diving helmet
  • staying on or swimming on the lava
  • being hungry with zero points of satiety
    (When all 3 Dwarf Satiety disappear, the dwarf loses some health and receives 1 Dwarf Satiety.)[4].

Not leading to death[ | ]

Below is a list of health loss causes that are unable to completely finish the dwarf's lives, no matter how many times they occur:

  • being hit by back by carnivorous plants
  • falling or jumping from a height of more than 3 blocks
  • falling from a height of more than 2 blocks after losing his/her footing while:

Low health[ | ]

When a dwarf has less then 1 Dwarf Health, the player will be notified:

Low health sign


If there is one or more dwarfs with low health, this sign appears on the left side of the screen. Clicking on this icon will show one by one all wounded dwarfs.

Injuried dwarfs run for their lifes under certain circumstances.[5]

Male dwarfs with health points lower than:

  • 25% will run away from stronger enemies;
  • 15% will run away from any kind of hostile creature.

Female dwarfs with health points lower than:

  • 29% will run away from stronger enemies;
  • 19% will run away from any kind of hostile creature.

Healing[ | ]

There are some ways of healing injured/exhausted dwarfs:

If there are no health potions crafted in the inventory, the mages will heal their fellows anyway, but at a very insignificant rate.

Satiety[ | ]

For the complete list of foods, see the main article: Food.
Apple Put some kind of food on the table, like apples. The dwarfs will take the food on their own when they are hungry.
~ Task "Make some food"

The satiety of each dwarf is represented by 3 slices of bread — Dwarf SatietyDwarf SatietyDwarf Satiety. All full slices represent the maximum of 10 satiety points.

As the time passes, the dwarfs become hungry and the slice more on the right will shrink until it disappears. The losing of satiety points follow this rule:

  • -1 point each 9 minutes[6] of ingame time, if dwarf is idle.
  • -1 point each 6 minutes[7] of ingame time, if dwarf is working.

So, more tasks the dwarfs receive, more food should be served on the table.

Hungry[ | ]

When a dwarf has less than 1 Dwarf Satiety, he/she will become hungry. The player will then be notified with the sign below.

Dwarfs hungry sign


If there is one or more dwarfs hungry, this sign appears on the left side of the screen. Clicking on this icon will show one by one all hungry dwarfs.

When all Dwarf Satiety are gone, the dwarf starts losing health[4].

It's possible to send all hungry dwarfs to eat with Ctrl + E.

Monotonous food[ | ]

If a dwarf eat 3 times in a row the same food, there is no other kind of food served and he/she have less than 2Dwarf Satiety, he/she will state:

X?! I can't eat this anymore!

Being "X" the food eaten 3 times. This dwarf will have to eat at least 1 time another nutriment before he/she can eat that food again. So, there is no need to have a huge variety on the table. If the player can serve at least 2 kinds of food, there will be no monotony problem.

Well-fed[ | ]

All dwarfs with more than 7 satiety points are considered to be well-fed. Those dwarfs will receive a variety of bonus.

Regen bonus[ | ]

Well-fed dwarfs receive a health regeneration bonus of 1 health point each 5 minutes[8]. So, if food with healing properties — like apples (growing only in the forest world) — are hard to get, it's still possible to heal the dwarfs by keeping them well fed.

Idling well-fed bonuses[ | ]

Idle well-fed dwarfs will, on their own:

  • patrol the perimeter of the shelter, so they can spot eventual monsters and take action against them
  • hunt rats and slugs, if those appear inside the shelter
  • remove bushes (carnivorous or not), if those appear on the walls of the shelter
  • prepare different dishes (usually that they have not eat for a while), without consuming any ingredients
  • improve beds and tables placed inside the shelter, without consuming any resources.

Death and respawn[ | ]

If a dwarf dies, all his equipment will fall on the ground and another dwarf must carry it back to the stockpile in order to be used again. If he/she dies and his/her body fall into the lava or in the ocean at the map extremeties, all the equipment will be lost.

Dwarf Died Sign

Dwarf died

When a dwarf dies, this sign appears on the left side of the screen. Clicking on this icon will show where his/her body lays down, along with the dropped equipment.

Normal mode[ | ]

Dwarf Spirit Normal

A dwarf soul.

In a Normal mode game, when a dwarf dies, a replacement will spawn at the stockpile in:

  • 5 minutes, if only one dwarf is dead (and the player has at least another one);
  • 2 minutes, if more than one dwarf has died, but not all of them. In this case, the first dwarf respawn in 5 minutes and all the others in 2 minutes;
  • 20 seconds, if all dwarfs are dead. In this case, the first one respawn in 20 seconds and all the others in 2 minutes.

If a dwarf respawns it will lose all skill progress and will only have 1 skill at level 10, following the spawning randomness.

To avoid this loss, the player may use a soul keeper, available from tier 7 of the tech tree, with the basic alchemy.

Permanent death mode[ | ]

In a Permanent Death mode game, if a dwarf dies, it's lost forever, there will be no replacement. In this mode, each dead dwarf is 1 less to the population cap. So, if the player has lost 3 dwarfs, e.g., and get to the maximum level (20), he/she will have only 17 dwarfs available.

Direct control[ | ]

Dwarfs can be controlled allowing you to manually move him, place and mine blocks etc. This is done by selecting a dwarf and clicking the direct control button.

When controlling a dwarf you can:

  • Manually move the dwarf.
    • Dwarfs seem to get a slight speed boost when being controlled directly (untested but 50% movement speed increase according to files).
  • Place and mine blocks.
    • Dwarfs gain a mine and place range increase. This means dwarfs can mine and place blocks up to two blocks from his location.
    • It is unknown if this is a bug or not, but when controlling a dwarf you can place any block without the dwarf having to get it from the Stockpile. This is useful for when building things far away, or when building big projects.
  • Attack enemies.
    • Dwarfs will not run to the target if you click to attack it. You will have to manually do this.
  • Eat and sleep.
  • Use portals
    • You can jump through a portal while on it by pressing W. If there are multiple active portals, press W again, until you portal to the one you want.
  • Interact with objects.
    • Eg. cut wool, gather water etc.

For keyboard shortcuts, see Hotkeys.

Skills[ | ]

For the complete list of skills, skill items and skill books, see the main article: Skill.

Each dwarf starts with one random skill at level 10, which can be improved by doing their related activities and using skill books up to 100 points. Skill items will accelerate this process and overcome the 100 limit. Each dwarf can develop a maximum of 3 different skills.

Equipment[ | ]

Equipment Menu

Equipment Menu

Dwarfs need you to create their armor, boots and helmets, along with better weapons, tools and accessories.

Dwarfs may be equiped with:

Look for the reference numbers on the image.

The accessories may be any type of backpack, a parachute, a quick ladder pack and/or any skill item.

There are though items that may be used spontaneously by the dwarfs, without the player having to open the "Equip Menu": the bucket, the fishing rod, the diving helmet, the elixir of fire and the elixir of ice arrow.

Carrying capacity[ | ]

All dwarfs have a natural carrying capacity that can be improved with backpacks.

The more items they carry with them, the slower their movement becomes.

References[ | ]

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