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Fish is a perpetual, convenient source of food. Make a fishing rod and find the nearest freshwater pond for fishing.[1]

Swimming speed 50 (horizontal)
40 (vertical)
Fish.png Fish (requires a fishing rod)
This article is about the living creature. For the raw food item, see: Fish.

Fish[2] is a non-hostile creature found in water ponds with at least four blocks completely filled with water in any worlds or biomes.

When caught with a fishing rod it becomes a raw food item used in some cooked dishes.


A double 12-blocks pond.

A fish will spawn in any space with four adjacent blocks filled with water.

E.g., a pond with 12 water blocks will be populated by 3 fishes.

A fish normally only moves in a horizontal line. Only when been atracted by a fishing rod, it will move vertically or in diagonal.

If caught, new fishes spwan every thirty seconds to reestablish the cap poputalion number of the pond.


A fish in a Desert World surface pond.

Fishes populating water ponds on the surface of the world can be

  • red,
  • blue and
  • with a pufferfish appearance;

while fishes populating underground ponds can only have

  • the appearance of an anglerfish.


A red fish is the fish appearing in the aquarium when this furniture is placed somewhere.


Game version Release Changes
0.9.022 03 Apr 2014 Redrawn fish pictures and animation.
1.2.001 19 Dec 2015 Limited maximum number of fish in a single pond.
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 Fixed: fishes did not allow to fill up pond with blocks.


  1. Description of the task "Fishing".
  2. Fishes are one of the few creatures that do not have a page at the bestiary. In game files it may appears as fish_red, fish_yellow (actually the blue one), ball_fish (similar to a pufferfish) and piranha_deep (the one with the glowing organ).