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Fishing (Task)

Dwarf fishing on the Underground World's surface.

This article is about the customary order given to dwarfs. For the quest appearing in the Diary, see: Tasks: Fishing.
For the tier four technology, see: Fishing.

Fishing is a common dwarf's activity through which they can get fish to cook, eat and quench their hunger.

Process[ | ]

Requirements[ | ]

Fishing Rod Fishing Rod:
Dwarfs can only fish if they have at least one fishing rod in the stockpile. In Tech Tree mode, the Fishing tech must be reached, so the fishing rod becomes available. In Sandbox mode must find the recipe or to know it by heart.

The more rods exist in the stockpile, the more dwarfs can go fishing at the same time. If no fishing rod has been crafted or bought, clicking on water will read: "No fishing rods in the stockpile".

Red Fish Fish:
And there must be an accessible pond with one or more fishes inside it.

Steps[ | ]

When there is at least one fishing rod, an option "Fishing" appears when clicking on water block of any pond containing fish(es).

Selecting this option, a random dwarf - usually the nearest one or a dwarf with the fishing skill - will move to the pond to accomplish the task. Despite the in-game description of the fishing rod, this dwarf does not need to go to the stockpile to take a fishing rod.

End[ | ]

The task is accomplished when the dwarf can't carry any more fish or if all fishes in the selected pond have been caught.

Once caught, fish will reappear after a while. The pond will be available for fishing when it becomes repopulated with fish.

Water pond[ | ]

For understanding the pond mechanics, and for creating artificial ponds, see water pond.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
0.9.028 22 May 2014 Fixed bug with canceling of the fishing tasks.
0.9.033 31 July 2014 Fixed bug when dwarf continue fishing while monster attack him.
Fixed other small bugs during fishing.
1.1.007 21 May 2015 Improved dwarfs AI: fishing through ground blocks.
1.1.009 01 Jun 2015
1.1.010 29 Jun 2015 Fixed bug when 2 dwarfs could go fishing through the portal to the same place.
1.2.005 13 Jan 2016 Fixed incorrect displaying of fishing.
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 Corrected the behavior of dwarfs when fishing.
1.4.014 15 Feb 2018 Some dwarfs skills were extended with new abilities:
an experienced fisherman catches more fish and can increase their population in a pond.
Bug found: one fishing rod is allowing many dwarfs to fish.

Trivia[ | ]

Fishing is one of the activities that dwarfs happily talk about when they are idling together.

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