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Fishman's Cave

Fishman's Cave is a fan mod available on Steam.

It is, along with the Star Wars mod, one of the first big mods that have been released with the 1.5.000 update.

Steam Description[ | ]

Try an unusual world that combines the flora of the underworld and the fauna of a beetle biome.

Explore new secret rooms and collect a cool set of dwarf equipment.

How to use: you need to choose this world when starting a new custom game.

Technical Data[ | ]

Creators: Iquos, Annieway

Published: 11 September, 2018

Available: 21 December, 2018

File size: 4 MB

Steam links: WorkshopDiscussionsChangelog

History[ | ]

1.008[ | ]

  • Changed parameters of the objects.
  • New items removed from the Grunt's shop.
  • Increased amount of loot in chests.
  • Fixed problem with loading technology tree (need to restart level).
  • Added maggots into the Fishman's world.
  • Fixed absence of guardians and beholders in secret rooms.