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Flying Octopus
Flying Octopus

The octopus usually picks high places for nesting. If you attack her nest, she will aggressively defend her eggs.

Attack 0.25
Flying speed 45
Health 10
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time 30s
Icon Flying Octopus icon
Egg Egg x2
Feather Feather x2

Flying octopus[1] is a little dangerous[2] hostile flying creature that spawns above ground in the Underground World.

Hen equivalent[ | ]

Flying octopuses are the equivalent of the hen in the Underground World, in the sense that they can be placed in farms, that they drop eggs and feathers when killed, and that they are the only source for these two ingredients in their world.

Their behavior however is vastly different, as they not only can defend themselves, but they are hostile to dwarfs, they can actually fly around the world (and not only jump farther), and they will mostly remain out of reach of dwarfs attack.

Nest[ | ]

Flying octopuses nest
Flying Octopus Nest
Type Block
Durability 40 (attackable)
Newly laid:   nothing
Well developed:   Egg Egg x3

Flying octopuses create nests, usually on top of any ledges, specially on the floating islands.

Newly laid nests have no visible eggs, and drop nothing if destroyed. If left alone, it will develop to have eggs.

Well developed nests (with visible eggs) have a chance of spawning one flying octopus. If and when this happens the eggs disappear, and the nest goes back to its original form. Additionally, octopuses will spawn randomly on the surface periodically to maintain a constant world population.

After placing a new nest, the flying octopus will protect it with its life. If a dwarf aproach such a nest, the octopus owning the nest will fly down and engage the dwarf, allowing dwarfs to trap or kill the now-in-reach octopus.

Well developed octopus nests are tough and take a while to break, and will drop three eggs when destroyed.

Husbandry[ | ]

Octopuses farm

Octopuses can be trapped and fenced in farms to produce the same items hens do. Catching them can be a bit trickier, but placing traps on the top edges of the flying islands will increase the chances. Before doing so, dwarfs should destroy the existing nests, so an octopus would try to create a new one. Or dwarfs should just wander around the nests already in place, to attract the octopus owning that nest.

If the shelter has a somewhat high roof, octopuses could try to create nests there, so placing traps on the top edges of the base might be useful as well. In that case, if there's a pet around, its house should be relocated to a point where the trap is no longer inside the radius of the house. Otherwise, the pet will most likely kill incoming and already trapped octopuses, before dwarfs have a chance to catch and carry them to the safety of farm fences.

Having one or two octopuses in a farm is enough, as they will reproduce naturally. The ground of the farm must be made of soft earth (blue in the Underground World) for this to happen.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.1.000b May 2015 Introduced.
1.1.003b May 2015 Increased speed.
They are displayed now as icons when zooming out.
1.1.005b May 2015 Fixed choosing of places for nest.
1.1.007 21 May 2015 End beta - official release.

References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary name of the creature. In game files it is called simply octopus.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.