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For non edible items used to create food, see Category:Ingredients.

Food are foraged, fast prepared or cooked items that keep dwarfs satiated. If a dwarf is hungry, and the player has already placed a table anywhere, the starveling will complain: "Where is the food? I'm starving!" If the player has not placed any table, the hungry will claim: "We need a table for food."

Some special food have a heal effect and some other will improve dwarfs speed by 50%.

In game all food items can be found on the 6th tab of the "Craft" menu (dish icon).


Forage Foraged food are ready to eat since dwarfs take them from nature. If the dwarf taking an apple on the ground is hungry and not bored of eating apples, he/she will eat the apple instead of carring it to the stockpile. These cheap forageables provide very little feeding effects and some are ingredients to other fast prepared and cooked dishes. Players may miss some ingredients like berries, used to produce wine, if dwarfs are hungry when harvesting berry bushes.
Fast prepare Fast prepared food are items crafted directly by the player on the inventory menu ("Craft" button), on the food tab. These items provide an average feeding effects.
Cook Cooked food require a kitchen placed somewhere. Dwarfs will take some time to prepare these items there. All cooked food require one coal to be prepared; the beer and the tea (no coal) and the fish stew (2 coals), being exceptions. These expensive dishes provide high feeding effects.
Fermentation Although the beer is a known fermentated drink in real life, the wine is the only item in the game that takes time in a fermentation process. The wine barrel is prepared in the kitchen and placed somewhere to wait for a wine bottle to drop.
Events Some food drop in special parachuted boxes during Christmas and Halloween days.
Biomes Food items received as a reward after winning a battle (coop. or pvp) in a biome.


  1. Create a table and place it anywhere, preferably inside the shelter.
  2. Drag food to the quick bar.
  3. Highlight the selection.
  4. Click on the table.

This will create a buffet of options for the dwarfs, that will now feed themselves regularly. Different dishes will avoid dwarfs will getting bored of the same food and not eating.


Some notes to understand the table below:

Recipe shows the amount of items created with one recipe. Only applies to fast prep. and cooked food.
T.Feed is the total feeding effect for 1 recipe, i.e.: the 1st column multiplied for the 2nd column. E.g.: Each stew dish feeds 3 points, each stew recipe produces 10 dishes, so the total feed effect for one stew recipe is 30 points.
Special shows the heal or speed bonus.
Source is explained above.
Price is the approximate number of coins that would be required to buy one item at the shop.
World occurrence restriction only applies to forage items and to cooked dishes depending on these forages. This column shows if the item can be obtained without buying it. The shop availability follows distinct rules for ex.: the forest forage (apple) can be bought in all worlds, while the desert forage (coconut) can be bought in the desert and the underground world, and the snow forage (lard) can only be found in the snow world shop.

Name Feed Recipe T.Feed Special Source Price World
Apple.png Apple 1 1 Heal 0.1HP Forage 0,125 Forest
Apple Pie.png Apple Pie 2 ⨯10 20 Heal 0.2HP Cook 0,333 All
Battle frenzy infusion.png Battle frenzy infusion 1 1 Speed +50%
Damage +50%
Underground Biome All
Beer.png Beer 1 ⨯10 10 Speed +50% Cook 0,500 All
Berries.png Berries 1 1 Forage 0,142 All
Bread.png Bread 3 ⨯6 18 Cook 0,333 All
Bun.png Bun 2 ⨯5 10 Cook 0,333 All
Coconut.png Coconut 1 1 Forage 1,000 Desert
Cone.png Cone 1 1 Forage 0,125 Forest / Snow
Dried Mushrooms.png Dried Mushrooms 1 ⨯1 1 Fast prep. 0,250 Underground
Enchanted Berries.png Enchanted Berries 3 3 Heal 5HP Underground Biome All
Fish Stew.png Fish Stew 2 ⨯15 30 Cook 0,333 All
Fried Eggs.png Fried Eggs 2 ⨯5 10 Cook 0,333 All
Gingerbread Men.png Gingerbread Men 1 1 Heal 0.5HP Christmas All
Grilled Fish.png Grilled Fish 3 ⨯10 30 Cook 0,333 All
Grilled Meat.png Grilled Meat 3 ⨯5 15 Cook 0,333 All
Homemade Wine.png Homemade Wine 1 1 Heal 3.33HP
Speed +50%
(Wine Barrel)
1,000 All
File:Jerky.png Jerky 1 1 Mining rooms All
Lard.png Lard 1 1 Forage 0,333 Snow
Mixed Greens Salad.png Mixed Greens Salad 2 ⨯2 4 Heal 0.2HP Fast prep. 0,200 Forest
Mushroom Pies.png Mushroom Pies 3 ⨯5 15 Cook 0,500 Underground
Mushroom Salad.png Mushroom Salad 2 ⨯2 4 Fast prep. 0,333 Underground
Mushroom Soup.png Mushroom Soup 3 ⨯4 12 Cook 0,500 Underground
Punch.png Punch 3 3 Heal 3HP Halloween All
Skull buns.png Skull buns 4 4 Halloween All
Spider Nest Pie.png Spider Nest Pie 3 3 Halloween All
Stew.png Stew 3 ⨯10 30 Cook 0,333 All
Tea.png Tea 0 ⨯5 0 Speed +50% Cook 0,333 All
Witch Finger Cookies.png Witch Finger Cookies 3 3 Halloween All