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These small creatures of the ice worlds never attack dwarves first, but they are very good archers and hunters.

Attack 0.5
Walking speed 70
Climbing speed 60
Health 10
Life regen 0.16%
Drowning time 180s
Icon Frostling icon.png
Frostling Bow.png Frostling Bow (4% chance)
Leather.png Leather (20% chance)
Feather.png Feather (20% chance)
Rope.png Rope (15% chance)
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore (3% chance)
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore (2% chance)
Mithril Ore.png Mithril Ore (2% chance)

Frostling is a dangerous[1] semi-hostile creature that live in a frostling camp, led by a frostling leader in the Snow World.


Regular frostlings use frostling bows, while their leader is armed with a frostling spear.

If their leader dies, any plain frostling can jump and ride an ice boar, becoming the new frostling leader.

They are active hunters during both night and day.


Frostlings are somehow equivalent of goblins from the Forest World, but they won't attack dwarfs until they do. Dwarfs also won't attack them, without being attacked or without an express order.

If a dwarf attack a frostling, all frostlings will become hostile towards all dwarfs, for a long period of time or until that first aggressor dwarf dies.

Chopping trees around the frostling camp, maybe very dangerous, specially if dwarfs are equiped with bows or staffs with additional hits. Giant mites may drop from trees making dwarfs hurt unintentionally a passing by frostling. If this happens, all frostlings will become hostile.

For the same reason, hunting around their camp is not recommended, except if dwarfs are ready to face the frostlings aggressivity.


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