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A flock of gargoyles attacks the fortress and dwarves from above. They turn to stone at sunrise but may come to life when dark comes.

Attack 0.2
Flying speed 110
Health 5
Icon Gargoyle icon
Slime Slime (70% chance)
Bones Bones (70% chance)
Skeleton's Mace Skeleton's Mace (25% chance)
Coin Coin (10% chance)
This article is about the wave monster. For the statue monster on secret rooms, see: Ancient Gargoyle.
Not to be confused with the decorative statues: gargoyle frontal and lateral.

Gargoyle is a dangerous[1] flying hostile creature found only during monster waves in all worlds. They spawn in flocks and attack the fortress and dwarfs from above.

Fossilized Gargoyle[ | ]

Fossilized Gargoyle
Fossilized Gargoyle

Gargoyles are nocturnal creatures and can't take the sunlight, which turns them into stone.

Type Disassemblable

When the sun rises, all gargoyles will turn to fossilized gargoyles[2], falling to the ground as little stone statues and being collected by dwarfs or imps to the stockpile.

Ghost interaction[ | ]

If a ghost reaches the stockpile, it will prioritize throwing a stone gargoyle over everything else. If it is thrown out of the stockpile during the night, it will turn back into a normal gargoyle and begin attacking dwarfs again.

The player may handle this nuisance by:

  • Disassambling fossilized gargoyles to get some of the resources listed below; or
  • Letting them come back to life for, maybe, get some coins, with 10% chance for each gargoyle. To do this, it's recomended to have static defenses like frogolisks and owlcats around the stockpile to avoid needing any special attention every time a gargoyle comes out.

Disassembling[ | ]

Fossilized gargoyles are not craftable, but the player may get some of these resources below when disassembling it.

Item to be disassembled
Fossilized Gargoyle Fossilized Gargoyle
Expected material(s) Qty.
Skeleton's Mace Skeleton's Mace 1
Stone Stone 4
Disassembled material grid
Stone Stone Stone
Skeleton's Mace

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References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary classification.
  2. In game files it appears as gargoyley_spawner or stone_form.