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The restless souls of former miners are unable to forget their previous life and are always trying to steal various things from the stockpile.

Attack 0
Flying speed 160 when approaching and
24 when flying around the stockpile
Health 1
Icon Ghost icon
Web Web (25% chance)

The ghost is a nightly harmless[1] hostile creature that spawns every night in the sky of all worlds.

Behaviour[ | ]

Ghosts will not attack dwarfs, instead they will seek out the nearest stockpile and toss items around to make a mess. They can move through walls and any other foreground blocks. Ghosts dissipate when the day comes, in a process slightly different from other nightly creatures: it does not need to be touched by the sun light directly: it will be consumed every day at the sunrise, even if it's in a deep and dark underground.

Ghosts may become a serious threat if there is one or more fossilized gargoyle in the stockpile. When a ghost tosses a petrified gargoyle in the night, the gargoyle will be resurrected. If a stone gargoyle is in the stockpile, the ghosts will prioritize throwing these out over everything else.

Pets will ignore ghosts.

Dealing with[ | ]

Due to their ability to fly and pass through walls, dwarfs may have trouble attacking them. While they pose no physical threat, their ability to toss items is both annoying and time-consuming as they are able to toss items quite far and down holes or mines, requiring dwarfs to fetch them and return them to the stockpile. Items out of the stockpile cannot be used, equipped or consumed.

Ghosts are relatively weak and are best dispatched by any dwarf with a long range weapon. The totem scares ghosts, and they will not move within 5 blocks distant of a totem object, but they will enter totem's area of influence. It is best to build the totem object adjacent to your stockpile.

History[ | ]

Game version Release Changes
1.4.015 25 Sep 2018 Fixed: towers and dwarfs were ignoring ghosts.
0.9.020 20 Mar, 2014 Improved archers AI to prevent attack of underground ghost. If archer misses several times then the attack task cancels for him.
1.0.008 17 Feb, 2015 First of all ghosts try to throw out the stone gargoyles if they are in a stockpile.
1.1.010 29 Jun, 2015 Towers now can attack ghosts again.

References[ | ]

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