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Giant Ant
Giant Ant

Giant ants build their nests in large dry caves and reproduce very quickly. If a lone dwarf falls into one of these caves, he doesn't have much chance of survival. You must kill all of the ants in order to destroy their nest.

Attack 0.2
Walking speed 100
Climbing speed 75
Health 1
Icon Giant Ant icon
Chitin Chitin (40% chance)

A giant ant[1] is a dangerous[2] hostile creature found in all four worlds. It spawns from nests, which can be destroyed by killing all the ants.

Behavior[ | ]

Giant ants are the only creature that will attack all other creatures.[3] Some of these creatures will defend themselves by fighting back.

Ants Vs Guardian

Ants attacking a guardian and a mechanical guardian.

Tips[ | ]

The fastest way of getting rid of giant ants is by casting several fireball spells on their nest until all ants are killed.

References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary name of the creature. In game files it is called beetle or red_tail_bug.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.
  3. Since 1.1.007.