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Giant Skeleton
Giant Skeleton

One of the most dangerous monsters. Just one hit from its huge mace inflicts enormous damage.

Attack 3 (knockback)
Walking speed 52
Climbing speed 45
Health 15
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Giant Skeleton icon
Bones Bones (50% chance)
Iron Boots Iron Boots (5% chance)
Coin Coin (70% chance)

Giant skeleton[1] is a very dangerous[2] ultra hostile creature that can only spawn through red portals in all worlds, except the Underground World, and are some of the toughest enemies in the game.

Unlike all other skeletons, it will never raise from a graveyard.

Mobility[ | ]

Giant skeleton height

Despite their visual appearance, giant skeletons have the physical height of only one block. This means they can pass through all tunnels dwarfs can. Fortunately, like all other skeletons, they cannot pass through doors and hatches, and depend on shield stairs to bypass obstacles with a height of two blocks or more.

Flail hit[ | ]

Giant skeletons are equipped with a big black flail.[3] Along with guardians and dark lords, giant skeletons have one of strongest of the hits, only behind the orc boss skeleton. It can easily kill a dwarf with an average armor.

Misleasing appearance[ | ]

The fact that "giant" skeletons have just an average size may cause players to misjudge their power. They inflict, for example, much more damage than monsters that are way larger and look much stronger, like giant throwers and armor-breakers. When dozens of enemies are packed in a couple of blocks, they can easily go unnoticed. Their misleasing appearance makes them even more dangerous.

Achievement[ | ]

There are one Steam achievements specifically related to giant skeletons.

The worst that could happen
The worst that could happen

Kill 10 giant skeletons

  World(s) Any

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References[ | ]

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