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Giant Thrower
Giant Thrower

This huge troll throws small zombies directly into your rear and can crash your walls and constructions.

Attack 1.5 w/ knockback
Throw zombies
Walking speed 50
Climbing speed 35
Health 50
Life regen 0.166%
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Giant Thrower icon
Zombie Brain Zombie Brain
Bones Bone (25% chance)
Slime Slime (10% chance)
Coin Coin (10% chance)

The giant thrower[1] is a very dangerous[2] hostile creature that spawns at night from monsters' portals in any world. It attacks with a kick wich has an individual knockback effect and can throw regular zombies in the direction of the shelter walls in order to break them.

High jump[ | ]

The giant thrower can not climb walls, but he can jump three blocks heights (similar to pets and cave beasts).

Destruction power[ | ]

Zombies thrown by the giant can tear down trees, remove traps and any wall block placed by dwarfs.

Thrown zombies may be able to break a natural block (not placed or replaced by dwarfs).[3]

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.006 7 Apr 2017 Fixed: Giant Thrower now don’t go through doors.
1.4.000 21 Mar 2017 Introduced.

References[ | ]

  1. Creature name as seen in the Bestiary. In game files it is called thrower_giant.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.
  3. Giant Throwers have to destroy obstruction because they can't jump as other monsters. — dev on Steam. 30 January 2018.