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Giant Worm
Giant Worm

A mysterious beast from the depths suddenly arrives, bringing much destruction. Be alert when working deep down, and leave an escape path open! Even a group of several armed dwarves can't handle these creatures.

Attack 3
Walking speed 96
Health 50
Icon Giant Worm icon
Chitin Chitin x5
Needles Needles x3
Slime Slime x2
Silver Ore Silver Ore x10 (50% chance)
Gold Ore Gold Ore x10 (50% chance)
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore x10 (50% chance)
Coin Coin x10

Giant worm[1] is a dangerous[2] hostile creature that appears from time to time in the deep underground of Snow and Desert Worlds.

Occurrence[ | ]

The giant worm only appears around dwarfs, i.e. it won't mess with random deep underground areas if dwarfs aren't there.

It takes a while to reappear, i.e. not twice between raids.

With the parameters above it's possible to somewhat limit/control the worm occurrence.

Totems placed deep underground block the worms' spawning within their influence radius. Unfortunately, having more than one totem placed in the world may cause pathfind problems.

Behavior[ | ]

The giant worm causes earthquakes when it strikes and removes two rows of ten to twenty blocks. The displaced resources fall on the ground and none of them are lost, excepting earth. The worm eats 20% of the displaced earth resources.

Space 6x2Space 6x2Space 6x2Space 2x2
The largest area that can be affected by a worm: 20x2 blocks.

It causes panic in dwarfs, making them paralize or run away, ignoring any attack orders around the worm.

The worm also inflicts a low area damage while passing by dwarfs. Despite its bestiary description, it represents no danger in standard campaign difficulty levels.

Achievement[ | ]

Worm hunter

The Worm hunter achievement is unlocked killing a giant worm.

Method[ | ]

  1. Have a ridiculous amount of mana
  2. Use several magic explosions (not less than 8) on the worm until it has almost no health (almost invisible tiny heart Monster Health)
  3. Use a couple of fireballs (if step 2 is done correctly, 1 fireball is enough)
  4. Collect the loot.

Friendly tips[ | ]

  • Do it on the central part of the map to reduce the mana costs.
  • Do it just before leveling up so you don't starve for mana after killing the worm.
  • Don't do it on very low XP levels, as your mana pool doesn't match step 1.
  • Open a portal and enter "Siege Mode" before using the spells to avoid damaging dwarfs.
  • Order an "attack" after "sieging" to tag the worm with the crossed swords icon, so you can target the spells right over the icon

Disabling[ | ]

Giant worms, along with the giant spiders, are considered by a lot of players the most annoying creatures in Craft the World.[3] Besides that, the solution proposed by the game, which is placing totems everywhere underground, may cause severe pathfind problems.

Fortunately, with some easy file editing, annoyed players can remove worms from a specific type of world, or completely removed them from the game. However this is a temporary solution that will be reverted whenever the game receives a new update from developers, which will require the player to redo the file editing.

No worm

Alternatively, players could try subscribing to the No Giant Worm mod on Steam, which should be a permanent solution, but unfortunately the mod itself doesn't seem to always work.

References[ | ]

  1. Refered simply as worm in game files.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.
  3. Related threads on Steam.