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Mountain goaties will be a great source of food and wool in this tough world. It's a pity that they're so stubborn and difficult to train. Although the elven trader managed to do it somehow.

Attack 0.15
Walking speed 90
Climbing speed 10
Health 10
Icon Goatie icon
Leather Leather x 1–2
Meat Meat x 2–5
Bones Bones x 2–3
Lard Lard x 3–5
Ribs Ribs x 2–3
Milk Milk x 2–3 (50% chance)

A goatie[1] is a semi-hostile creature that yields leather and meat when killed, found at the surface of the Lonely Mountain world. It is equivalent to the Forest World's wild boar.

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References[ | ]

  1. Goatie is its name in the in-game Bestiary. In the game files it's called ram or kozel, from the Russian name for goat.