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These treacherous thieves build their encampment near the dwarves' shelter as soon as the dwarves have collected enough valuable items. Then, they wait for the dwarves to leave their stockpile unguarded, build temporary ladders to enter the shelter, and try to steal every useful item and bring it back to their camp. Destroying their camps will get you lots of useful things.

Attack 0.3
Walking speed 70 (40 when laden)
Climbing speed 40 (50 on ladders)
Health 8
Life regen 0.16%
Drowning time 180s
Icon Goblin icon
Goblin Spear Goblin Spear (4% chance)
Leather Leather (15% chance)
Rope Rope (15% chance)
Coal Coal (10% chance)
Silver Ore Silver Ore (3% chance)
Gold Ore Gold Ore (2% chance)
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore (2% chance)

Goblins are dangerous[1] hostile creatures that live with a goblin leader in a goblin camp in the Forest World.

Behavior[ | ]

They usually attack dwarfs as soon as their camp appear in the world. They do it in groups and during the day.

They can pass through open doors and steal items from the stockpile, taking them back to their camp.

They can enter inside the shelter if the doors and hatches are open, but will not make use of some devices such as rails and elevators, this makes a good way to prevent them from entering easily.

They can climb ladders and background tiles and will make their own ladders to get up and down. These ladders can be destroyed to yield one wood each. And they can attempt to climb up and attack your defenses with the use of their ladders.

They will not try to break walls or closed doors, instead they'll climb your shelter and try to find an alternate entry path.

They'll not respawn if you kill them and leave the camp alone. Only the goblin leader respawns from the camp. This is a good way of ridding yourself of goblins if you don't want them appearing again.

As you level up the amount of goblins spawned increases (but not their life, attack or defense) this means they end up being more of a farmable enemy than a real threat late-game since you'll probably kill them too easily.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
0.9.005 25 Nov, 2013 Health decreased by 20%.

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References[ | ]

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