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Goblin Camp
Goblin Camp
Type Block
Durability 50 (destructible)
All items stolen from dwarf's stockpile.
A lot of random items.

The goblin camp[1] is a large tent that periodically spawns in the world. The goblin camp is the stockpile of the goblins and the goblins guard it once they have stolen your stuff.

The first camp[ | ]

The first goblin camp will appear during the day after the player has reached level 5.

Destroying[ | ]

Destroying the goblin camp gives a lot of random items and all of the stolen ones as well, this includes all the ores in the game which can drop even before you reach deep enough to find them for the first time and thus makes them a renewable resource, though you'll have to wait for the camp to re-appear. Destroying it will also prevent the spawning of more goblins.

Christmas[ | ]

Goblin Camp Christmas

During Christmas time:

  • the goblin camp has the appearance of a fallen Santa's sleigh;
  • goblins wear like Santa's elf, with funny hat and shoes; and
  • the goblin leader uses a Rudolph-reindeer-shaped hat.

References[ | ]

  1. It is called goblin_camp or christmass_goblin_camp when it's Christmas time.