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Goblin Leader
Goblin Leader.png

This leader boosts the morale of nearby friendly creatures by pounding his drums.

Attack 0
Walking speed 25
Climbing speed 25
Health 10
Life regen Red Cross.png
Drowning time 180s
Icon Goblin Leader icon.png
Leather.png Leather (15% chance)
Rope.png Rope (15% chance)
Roots.png Roots (30% chance)
Grey Mushroom.png Grey Mushroom (30% chance)
Pink Mushroom.png Pink Mushroom (30% chance)
Quartz.png Quartz (10% chance)
Feather.png Feather x3 (25% chance)
Not to be confused with the Keeper of the Altar, which calls himself the "goblins' Great Shaman".

Goblin leader[1] is a harmless[2] non-hostile creature that spawns as the leader of the goblins in the Forest World.

He never leaves his post at the goblin camp.


Version Release Changes
0.9.004 23 Nov, 2013 Added death animation.

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  1. The name of the creature according to the bestiary. In game files it's refered as goblin_shaman.
  2. Bestiary classification.