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The ancient portal scrolls are guarded by these huge keepers. But they are vulnerable to weapons made of mithril, the strongest of all metals.

Attack Sword • Lightning • Fireball
Raise Undead
Walking speed 50
Climbing speed 45
Health 230
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time Red Cross
Base armor -2 to mithril weapons
-1.2 to melee weapons
Icon Guardian icon
Portal Parts Portal Part Recipe
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore x1 (70%) / x2 (60% chance)
Mithril Ingot Mithril Ingot x1 (50% chance)
Coin Coin x2 (70%) / x1 (50% chance)
Blue Crystal Blue Crystal (40% chance)
Red Crystal Red Crystal (40% chance)
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal (40% chance)
Green Crystal Green Crystal (40% chance)
Purple Crystal Purple Crystal (40% chance)
Each one of the 6 Runes (10% chance)

The guardian[1] is a very dangerous[2] hostile creature found deep underground in hidden rooms and inside the pyramids of the Desert World. When in the hidden rooms, he is often accompanied by a beholder.

Attacks[ | ]

Guardian art

The guardian can perform four different attacks:[3]

Type Target Damage
Sword melee unique 3 w/knockback
Lightning ranged unique -2 health**
Fireball ranged splash (5)* -1 health**
Summon 3 Skeletons or Zombies on top of dwarfs

* 5 targests in a 2 blocks radius area, including dwarfs and defense towers
** cannot be reduced by armors

He will choose what to do according to each situation:

  • If there is a dwarf beside him, he will prioritize a sword attack.
  • If there is one dwarf not so far from him, he will walk and try a sword attack.
  • If there is one dwarf quite far from him, he will cast a lightning bolt.
  • If there are some dwarfs in a certain distance, he will cast a fireball.
  • If there are some dwarfs around attacking him or not running away, he will summon undead minions.

Vulnerabilities[ | ]

A guardian has a certain vulnerability to melee weapons and a huge weakness to mithril weapons.

Campaign[ | ]

In the campaign guardians will drop a scroll with the recipe to craft one of the five Exit Portal parts when killed. Depending on the world size more than five guardians will appear. In this case, one or more of them will drop no portal parts recipe.

Multiplayer[ | ]

In survival games, guardians may spawn from monsters portals underground, which often happens to be inside the dwarfs shelter and not rare, quite early in the game. Dwarfs may avoid facing him, as the gardian will die by himself after some days. When he dies - by the hands of dwarfs or not - he will drop an absurdly huge amount of runes.

References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary name of the creature. He was also called scroll keeper by devs at least since May, 2014. In game files he is called vampire_guard.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.
  3. Values found on main/data/items.xml for the lightning (vampire_spark) and for the fireball (vampire_fire).