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Heavy Shooting Tower
Heavy Shooting Tower

This shooting tower encased in metal will give monsters even more trouble.

Type Defense
Damage 0.7
Range 9
Durability 25
Placeable Tango Tick1
Price 20 Coin
Tech needed Master Construction
Size 1x1 1x1
If removed: all its components

If destroyed: nothing

Heavy shooting tower[1] is a stronger version of the wooden tower, more resistant and with a longer range and applying more damage.

Placing and removing[ | ]

The tower can be placed on top of any supporting surface. Foreground blocks placed right on top of it may disturb the tower's shots.

If the tower is deconstructed by dwarfs, all components of the tower can be recovered, allowing it to be rebuilt in time. When the tower is destroyed by enemies however, all the components will be lost.

Crafting recipe[ | ]

Crafting station
Forge Forge
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Steel Steel 3
Wooden Tower Wooden Tower 1
Crafting grid
Steel Wooden Tower Steel
Heavy Shooting Tower Heavy Shooting Tower 1

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.015 25 Sep 2018 Fixed: it's now available in all worlds.
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 Introduced (not available in the Underground World).

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References[ | ]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it's called arrow_wood_tower_2 or just wood_tower_2.