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Hermit Elf
Hermit Elf

Forest elves often hide in solitary places so they can think in peace. They are so kind that they cannot turn down an opportunity to help other wounded or injured creatures.

Attack 0.4
Walking speed 65
Climbing speed 35
Health 20
Stone Stone x 7–10
Coin Coin x 10–20
Leaves Leaves x 2–5
Roots Roots x 3–5
Blue Crystal Blue Crystal x 1–3
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal
Green Crystal Green Crystal x 1–3
Purple Crystal Purple Crystal x 1–3
Red Crystal Red Crystal x 1–3

A hermit elf[1] is a friendly creature who watches over grottoes. They stand over the stone table and "tell" the dwarfs about ores, hinting at how to use the table. When an injured dwarf comes into range, the elf casts some healing magic on them.

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  1. Hermit Elf is the creature's name in the world. In the game files it's called elven_mage or elven_mage_of_nature.