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Hero Statue
Hero Statue (Sun Wukong)

Create and erect this statue to summon a hero.

Type Furniture
Comfort 9
Placeable Tango Tick1

A hero statue summons a particular hero to the world when placed. There are 9 possible hero statues that can be crafted from the statuettes available in Grant's Shop.

To summon the hero from the portal, the player needs to create and erect its statue in a safe place. The hero and their statue are inextricably linked, so if the statue is destroyed by monsters, the hero also dies. The statue can be recovered if destroyed.

Acquiring[ | ]

Special hero figurines purchased from Grant's Shop are used in crafting recipes for hero statues. The figurines are stocked in random order at every player level starting at level 6. Their price starts at 10 coins, and it doubles every time one is purchased. Each figurine can only be bought once.

Crafting recipes for hero statues are detailed on their hero pages.

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