Craft the World Wiki

In this game there are several keyboard shortcuts that can be use to speed up the gameplay:

Key Description
Number keys (numpad) 1-9 Trigger the related slots on the primary quick bar. (These keys also work when a dwarf is under direct control.)
Ctrl A secondary quick bar appears with empty slots which can be filled up and used at any time by holding Ctrl.
Ctrl + number keys Trigger the related slots on the secondary quick bar. (Also works when a dwarf is under direct control.)
F1, F2, F3 Change the game speed to normal (F1), 1.5x (F2), 2x (F3).
F9 Switch between hardware and software cursor.
(This can be used fix an issue with some AMD drivers.)
  • Open the pause menu.
  • Close the current menu (craft/equip) if is open.
  • Cancel selection of the dwarf / exit direct control.
Arrows keys and
W, A, S, D
Scroll the map or move a dwarf when under direct control.
Use W to jump or to enter portals while controlling a dwarf.
E Open the equip menu. (Equip)
I Open the craft menu. (Inventory)
P Pause the game.
H Move camera to base. (Home)
T Open the book. (Tasks)
C Open the technology tree.
Space Select next dwarf.
Mouse wheel Change zoom level.
Right click or
(Shift + click)
Mine/chop multiple blocks at the same time.
(Right click also works when controlling a dwarf.)
  • Double-click an item in the craft menu will shows its details.
  • Double-click an item in the equip menu will equip the dwarf with this item.
  • Double-click an item while it is on the craft table to spread it to adjacent cells.
  • Double-click a door/hatch to open/close it without using the context menu.
Alt (command on Mac) + enter Switch between full screen and window mode.
Ctrl + click Fill a whole table with a selected food item.
Ctrl + R Send dwarfs with health under 70% to sleep (Rest)
Ctrl + E Send starving dwarfs to eat (Eat)
Ctrl + T Send dwarfs with the equivalent combat skills to occupy all available training machines.

When a dwarf is selected[ | ]

Key Description
F Go eat (Food)
R Go sleep (Rest)
E Equip
O Direct control