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Ice Boar
Ice Boar.png

These dangerous creatures are a source of meat, as well as skin, which can be used to make items and armor.

Attack 0.15
Walking speed 40
Climbing speed 10
Health 10
Icon Ice Boar icon.png
Meat.png Meat x3
Leather.png Leather x2
Bones.png Bones x2

Ice boar[1] is a semi-hostile creature that can be found in the snow world. It is the equivalent of the wild boar (forest), the bull (desert) and the cave beast (underground) in the snow world, being an excelente source of leather and meat. It serves as a mount for the frostling leader.

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  1. This is the name the creature according to the bestiary. It was anounced though in the patch notes as "Snow Turtle". In game files it may be found as: ice_beast or snow_beast.