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These trusty magical servants help you add a lot of items to your stockpile.

Attack Red Cross
Flying speed 120
100 when encumbered
Health 1
Drowning time Red Cross
Base armor 0
Icon Imp icon

Imps are friendly flying creatures that can be summoned using the imps summon spell. They help the dwarfs gather resources, picking up items dropped in the ground and carrying them, one by one, to the nearer stockpile.

Counter[ | ]

Imps icon
When the player casts the imps summon spell, this icon appears on the left side of the screen. Clicking on it will cicle through all the imps still alive.

Behaviour[ | ]

An imp will "choose" the item on the ground it will take and even if it's lifespan isn't enough to make the travel it will be prolonged to the moment they arrive to the nearest stockpile. Imps will not try to take an item if another imp has already "chosen" it, dwarfs also won't pick up those items even if they're closer to them than the imp.

Similar to dwarfs, imps cannot pick up scrolls or books dropped when digging.

Underwater work[ | ]

Imps are impervious to drowning and can collect water without using buckets from the stockpile, allowing for their continued use, where dwarfs would use them and impede the water gathering until they get to the stockpile.

Lifespan[ | ]

Imps are not attacked by other creatures, except by giant ants. The player cannot order the dwarfs to attack them, and they don't take any damage from friendly fire. So, the player may use them even in the middle of a battle.

An imp will live for 5 minutes[1] or he'll die after carrying 10 items[2].

See also[ | ]

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References[ | ]

  1. Expressed in game files in seconds: life_time value="300".
  2. Parameter in game files called: catch_count value="10".