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Iron Ore
Iron Ore Iron Block

The main metal used for weapons, armor, and other tough objects.

Type Raw material
Disassemblable Red Cross
Price 1 Coin
Tech needed Substance Transformation

Iron ore is a raw resource extracted from iron nodes, that can be melted into steel or directly used in many crafting recipes.

It is the most basic metal for crafting tools, weapons and armors.

Acquiring[ | ]

Iron ore can usually be found between the soft earth and the rocky earth light (the 1st and 2nd layers in the diagram at the right) and can often be found near veins of coal.

Drops[ | ]

indestructible rock
Earth: 1st layer
Earth: 2nd layer
Earth: 3rd layer
Earth: 4th layer
Earth: 5th layer
Burning area
indestructible rock

Iron ore can drop from theses creatures when slaughtered:

And a lot of other creatures drop items that can be easily disassembled to get iron ores.

Crafting recipe[ | ]

Iron ore can be crafted when the Substance Transformation tech is unlocked, which only happens in the Underground World.

Crafting station
Lab Lab
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Coal Coal 3
Stone Stone 1
Crafting grid
Coal Coal
Iron Ore Iron Ore 1

Uses[ | ]