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Jason Mask
Jason Mask

This mask makes a terrifying impression even on monsters.

Types Helmet • Halloween
Armor 24 (Halloween version)
30 (advanced version)
Agility -5%

Jason mask[1] is a helmet with two distinct versions: one regular version, available in all worlds during the Halloween event, and another, advanced, available at any time in the single-player Underground World.

Halloween[ | ]

A regular jason mask may drop from the parachuted boxes during Halloween.

It can also drop from pumpkin plants.

This item cannot be purchased and it is not craftable.

Advanced[ | ]

Advanced[2] jason masks have no relation to the Halloween period.

Killing the Keeper of the Altar in the Underground World may reward the player with zero to four advanced jason masks.

This version provides more armor points without increasing the agility penalty to the dwarf wearing it: thirty armor points instead of the twenty-four of the regular version.

Drop Probabilities[ | ]

The Shaman drops have four separate rolls with 50% chance each to drop a jason mask, which will result in the following probabilities:

Masks dropped 0 1 2 3 4
Chances 6,25% 25% 37,5% 25% 6,25%

I.e.: 93,75% chance of getting at least one advanced jason mask after killing the Keeper of the Altar.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.1.007 21 May 2015 Advanced version introduced (with the Underground World).
0.9.036 17 Oct 2014 Halloween version introduced.

References[ | ]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item, also used in game files.
  2. This version of the jason mask is displayed in the inventory with the exact same name "Jason Mask". The "advanced" name has been choosen because in the game files this version is called jason_mask_adv