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King Mummy
King Mummy.png

Beware of angry King Mummies! Their rest in ancient pyramids had been interrupted too brusquely.

Attack 0.65 (knockback)
Walking speed 30
Climbing speed 20
Health 12
Life regen 0.166
Drowning time Red Cross.png
Icon King Mummy icon.png
Zombie Brain.png Zombie Brain
Mummy's Saber.png Mummy's Saber (4% chance)
Fabric.png Fabric (40% chance)
Thread.png Thread (25% chance)
Blue Crystal.png Blue Crystal (2% chance)
Green Crystal.png Green Crystal (2% chance)
Purple Crystal.png Purple Crystal (2% chance)

King Mummy is a hostile creature than can be found in the Desert World.

It spawns in or near pyramids but unlike Zombies they can live during the day.