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Lycanthropy is a condition afflicting dwarfs who've been in combat with a cursed wolf. It can manifest itself at night, turning infected dwarfs into were-dwarfs. The condition is curable with anti-lycanthropy medicine.

Control[ | ]

Direct combat with wolves has a high chance of causing infection and should be avoided. Wolves are unaffected by cages, spikes and animal traps, but wooden traps can effectively damage and momentarily repel them. Stationing pet houses in the wilderness is also an effective way to control wolf populations, as pets are unaffected by the condition and can kill multiple wolves each.

Untreated infection is not a death sentence for dwarfs, but it can cause complications. Were-dwarfs become unproductive units at nighttime, and when they get into fights with each other they can bring each other's healths incredibly low and leave them vulnerable. (Were-dwarfs will stop fighting before they kill each other.) Once the player unlocks Basic Alchemy and can start treating their infected dwarfs with anti-lycanthropy medicine, the condition is easily controlled.

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