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Magic Crystal
Magic Crystal

This crystal reduces the degree to which spells consume more mana when cast further from the main stockpile.

Type Magic structure
Placeable Tango Tick1
Price 25 Coin
Size 1x1 1x1

Magic crystal[1] is a special item used to reduce the mana penalty of using spells far from the stockpile.

Use[ | ]

It can be placed anywhere over a support block. And can be extracted without destroying it. It occupies a space of only one block.

But you have to place it near the location you want to use your spell.

Acquiring[ | ]

The magic crystal is not craftable. The only way of acquiring it is paying 25 coins at the shop.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.6.000 25 Jun 2019 Lowered price on shop from 30 to 25 coins.
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 Introduced.

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References[ | ]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item. Devs have called it "magic transmitters". In game files it's called mana_pylon.