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Mana Pool

Mana is the magic energy that allows the player to cast spells.

Mana pool[ | ]

The amount of mana available and the total mana capacity is shown on the top left corner, below the mana pool icon.

When a spell is cast, its cost in mana is removed from the mana pool.

The mana pool maximum capacity increases as the player levels up.

To increase the mana pool size beyond its natural capacity, buy mana storages at the shop, which add 20 points each when placed somewhere in the world.

Restoration[ | ]

There are three ways to regain mana points:

In-game time[ | ]

A mana point is renewed every 3 minutes of in-game time.

To increase this rate, buy mana generators at the shop and place them somewhere in the world.

Level up[ | ]

Each time the player levels up, the mana pool is fully refilled and its maximum capacity is increased.

Mana elixir[ | ]

Using a mana elixir will renew mana by 5 points.

Tips[ | ]

  • Mana regenerates also if the game is paused — by opening the crafting/equipment windows or pressing 'P'. If you set the speed of the game to x2 and pause the game, the mana will be renewing every 1.5 minute. The game window does not need to remain focused, i.e. you can minimise it or use 'Alt+Tab', the mana will regenerate normally.
  • If you plan to buy mana storages, do it right before leveling up.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 The mechanics used for the mana costs in biomes are implemented to all worlds.
1.2.001 19 Dec 2015 (Biomes) The further away from the main stockpile the mana is used, the higher are the mana costs.
0.9.024 24 Apr 2014 Increased mana recovering rate from 1 per 3 minutes and half to 1 per 3 minutes.
0.9.013 15 Jan 2014 Fixed bug with mana counter.

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